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Hill phenomenon is worth decipher south. </p><p><b>Company of new and high technology gathers</b></p><p>Hill appears on the market south in the company, company of new and high technology is occupied 80% . Shenzhen develops an academy integratedly when communal economy and Ruan Meng of director of constituent innovation research center accept our newspaper reporter Louis Vitton Leather Texture to interview, express, na Shancheng to appear on the market the enterprise collects an area, having comparinging at Shenzhen poineering atmosphere, hill regards Shenzhen as base of property of new and high technology south, attracted stay of area of garden of enterprise of a lot of science and technology. </p><p>Shenzhen Louis Vitton Monogram is one of cities that home puts forward the earliest to develop property of new and high technology. 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Be in differ long-term enterprise is OK to investment home people recommend oneself, appear on the market in financing the problem that encounters in the process, also can win support here. </p><p>On April 23, 2010, first equity invests Shenzhen the hill austral settle of fund assemble garden, occupy inland the important terrace that the industry of fund of Shenzhen illicit collect of 3 portion of 1 &#65295; acquired assemble to develop, gucci bags outlet also be south the enterprise of science and technology of hill finds financing channel. </p><p>South a mountainous area appear on the market do chief introduction, to June 30, 2011, south a mountainous area in Shenzhen platelet, do poineering work board in 41 companies that appear on the market, 21 are shared to PE, VC invests before appearing on the market, accumulative total finishs investment to exceed 500 million yuan. PE/VC investment also wins get one's own back of high specified number, before redound 5 in, lowest 43 times, highest 90 multiple. </p><p><b>Governmental natural resources gathers drive</b></p><p>Increasing local government encourages an enterprise to appear on the market, the company appears on the market to raise revenue to the government, raise obtain employment to contribute fine much. </p><p>South a mountainous area appear on the market do to appear on the market according louis vuitton bags to the platelet in reaching place greatly market of fractionize of requirement, home is had rate be located in front row of course of study of person of the same trade, have good the standard such as growing sex, single out " south a mountainous area civilian battalion is gotten army enterprise " , as appear on the market the core resource of the enterprise, dog service, executive classification guidance and gradient are bred, guide an enterprise to appear on the market. </p><p>Afore-mentioned controller introduce, south a mountainous area choose 4 batches of civilian battalion to get in all army enterprise 95, among them 49 had appeared on the market successfully outside churchyard. </p><p>In the meantime, in assistance the company appears on the market respect, south a mountainous area appear on the market do to be coordinated for the enterprise deal with involve land house property to counterpoise truly, pay of normative tax cost add up to compasses sex to prove correspondence is close 50 times, for the enterprise business of department of Wu of harmonious arrangement duty appears on the market duty Wu is checked nearly 100 times. </p><p><p>In appear on the market do put on record register the company that presents application material to be able to gain accumulative total 1 million yuan of allowance, begin from 2007, south a mountainous area appear on the market do accumulative total to extend nearly 50 million yuan of allowance. </p><p>South a mountainous area appear on the market one of companies study Yu Wuzhong of chief inspector of promotion of brand of auspicious group big China expresses to the reporter, company of estate of new and high technology collects the program of profit from government to guide, a mountainous area government is driving respect of business communication cooperation to have positive effect south. </p><p>Appear on the market the company gathers to develop to also bring positive effect to region economy. 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