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Novinky v updatu 2.1 Na internetu byl konečně zveřejněn rozsáhlý seznam s opravami, a updaty který update 2.1 obsahuje. Musím říct, že jich je opravdu požehnaně! Doporučuji si ušetřit čas protože tohle počteníčko zabere hodinku.
Ps. Kvůli obsáhlosti seznamu, dávám pouze link na officiální web kde seznam je.
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Socrates looked up to see them: &quot;Oh, you find out that the group of happy children Son, right? How, have yet to find happiness?Radio Control Airplanes Then so be it, Radio Control Trucks seeing the coming rainy season,[b]26CC Engine 13KG Metal Throttle Servo Rear Shock Mount Plate Radio Control Trucks[/b] and you I made ??a timber ship. Was built later, we go out boating, then, I tell Where you happy. &quot;

Young people follow his orders to do. To be completed in time for the rainy season,[b]Syma S006 Alloy Shark 3 Channel 27/40 Mhz Radio Control Airplanes[/b] their days and nights And busy, life is very fulfilling.One day Socrates to see them, and found while they are singing while working,Syma S006 Alloy Shark Radio Control Airplanes, 3 Channel Radio Control Airplanes, 27/40 Mhz Radio Control Airplanes Radio Control Airplanes they Asked: &quot;Children, you now feel happy,26CC Engine Radio Control Trucks, 13KG Metal Throttle Servo Radio Control Trucks, Rear Shock Mount Plate Radio Control Trucks right? Is so empty when you are too busy Think fast is not happy, it will suddenly come.

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Happy group of young people feel that not enough flies,Women's Knee High Boots so they go out together to find happiness. In the long-distance The journey, they not only failed to seek to own things, but because the hungry and Suffered the trouble and sorrow. No way, they had to sadly go back.

I walked on, they suddenly heard an old man,[b]Womens Fashion Black White High Heels Lace Up Knee High Boots[/b] &quot;Oh,&quot; laughter,Lace Up Knee High Boots, High Heels boots, Womens Fashion Black White boots turned away a Saw that it was known far and wide of the great philosopher Socrates, the old man is sitting under a tree reading a Watched while intoxicated,Halloween Costume laughing, evidently delights. These young people might like to see a savior The quickly ran: &quot;Dear Teacher,[b]Mini V-neck Halloween Costume / Singular Clothing / Performance Clothing[/b] please tell us how you are so happy as it,V-neck Halloween Costume, Mini Singular Clothing, Mini Performance clothing Where is happiness?

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